Fayette County Jail to install body scanner after overdoses

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Seven inmates overdose in the Fayette County Jail weeks before a new tool will be in place to stop this from happening.

The county is about to install a body scanner. It will check every inmate for anything hidden in their body cavities. A separate room is being constructed right now to house it. Body scanners are a new idea Sheriff Stanforth thinks is a necessity.

“If you’ve got heroin back in the jail, you might as well bring in a bar of gold,” Sheriff Stanforth said.

Morris-Hafner knows how the mind of an addict works. She used to be one. She was in jail numerous times and prison twice.

She also knows it as an outsider looking in. She is now the Day Reporting Program Director for Ross County's Sheriff.

“After I came out of the withdrawal, that’s when I just prayed to God, please take this power of addiction from me,” said Morris-Hafner.

That was her last time being locked up. She's been clean for eight years.

But Morris-Hafner gets how the situation in Fayette County's jail could happen. Seven overdoses at once. Sheriff Vernon Stanforth is taking steps to stop this.

“They will either tell you that you have to share or they’re going to tell on you and nobody’s going to get to do it, or two, they’ll just beat you down and take it,” said Morris-Hafner.

The sheriff wants his jail to be a first step to getting sober. He says most inmates are heroin addicts. He wants them to dry out and stay that way.

“The whole idea is, this is giving them an opportunity that they can be clean before they go into rehab or go back out into the community,” said Sheriff Stanforth.

Sheriff Stanforth hopes to have the scanner installed and running by the first of May.