Father Warns Neighbors After Man Exposes Himself To Children

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Kara McQuaid, 13, has always remembered a lesson taught to her by her parents.

"My dad and mom have always told me if someone's creepy, run. Always get away from them," she said.

It's a lesson she put into action Tuesday, when she says she and her 9-year-old friend were near W. Mound Street.

She says a man was following them in his car, and at one point pulled ahead of them in an alley and got out of his car.

"He smiles really like creepish," she said.

Kara said that's when she saw the man exposing and pleasuring himself.

"And says 'there's room enough for all us,'" Kara said.

Kara said that's when she told her friend to run, and they got to safety. The stranger took off.

Kara's dad, Dale, said he searched for the man, who's described as being around 40 years old, driving a newer model gray car.

"We went up and down the streets and everything else," he said. "We never did see the car or anything."

Columbus Police are investigating.

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