Father Searches For Answers After 18-Year-Old Son Killed In Mysterious Crime

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Roland Ridenour's death is a complete mystery.

There were no witnesses to the shooting that police say happened inside a car.

The victim’s father says he hopes the person responsible will understand his grief and surrender to police.

Shell Ridenour says he misses everything about his son.

The father tells 10TV that he can't understand why anyone would want to kill his 18-year-old son.

“He was such a great kid. He cared about everybody - to his friends to he treated you like a brother. If you were older, he treated you like a parent," he says.

Ridenour was a 2013 graduate of Whitehall Yearling High School, where he played quarterback on the football team.

Court Records show he had no criminal history. On the night of his December 4 death, police say neighbors of this apartment complex heard the shots but no one called police.

Patrol officers spotted Roland's car because he was parked away from all the others behind a walking path just off Belcher Road.

“What was the last thing you remember saying to him?"

"Be careful," said Shell.

The father says that was a few days before the murder.

Since then, detectives have said little about the case.

“I'm just hoping they have something to go on,” he says.  10TV left a message with the lead detective but was unable to reach him.

As for the person responsible for taking his son's life, he says it just doesn't make sense.

“He was loved by everybody," said his father.

His father tells 10TV that he has no idea why his son was in the area of the shooting.

He says his son had just started working at his dream job as an electrician for Claypool Electric.

Roland Ridenour died 27 days shy of his 19th birthday, on New Year’s Eve.