Fans Mob Baltimore Streets To Celebrate Ravens Super Bowl Win


Giddy Ravens fans are hugging, cheering, and pouring into the streets of Baltimore following the 34-31 victory of their team over the San Francisco 49ers.
Fans wearing the team's signature black-and-purple jerseys and purple-feathered boas mobbed bars including Mother's Federal Hill Grille to watch the team's second Super Bowl appearance Sunday night. They were especially there to support middle linebacker Ray Lewis, No. 52, the only current player who started with the team when it came to Baltimore in 1996.
So far, there have been no reports of disturbances or damage in the city. The mayor urged fans to celebrate responsibly.
Fans came hours before the game to get seats.
Forty-year-old Darren Love says the celebration was "90 percent for Ray, 10 percent for the city of Baltimore."