Fans Get Fired Up For Red, White and BOOM!

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Fireworks fans, as well as pyrotechnicians, are getting ready for tonight’s Red, White and BOOM! in downtown Columbus.

The downtown area was quickly filling up Thursday morning with spectators who are looking forward to a spectacular fireworks show.    Organizers are still tweaking the show, but tell 10TV it will be a 26-minute extravaganza.   

Ask anyone arriving early for Red, White & Boom, and they’ll say getting there and setting up is what it's all about.  That’s especially true for fans like Joe Hand, who arrived some 15 hours before the show.

“It gets embedded into you and you have to come back because it is one of the best shows in Ohio.  There ain't no doubt about it,” proclaims Hand.

April Leasure spent the night with her family in the back of a van.  But they claimed their spot on the parking lot of Veterans Memorial expecting to experience more than a light show at this location.  “I expect to feel the boom this year!"

While the early birds set up at Veterans Memorial, on the other side of the river, it was just as busy.  The banks were filling up quickly, even though the fireworks were still a long ways away.

Even though many people arrived very early to stake their claim to a piece of ground, one thing to remember is that visitors cannot put stakes in the ground when using the city park.  That was a rule many early birds didn't realize.

But that doesn’t matter for the die-hards.  It’s now a matter of sitting and waiting for an opportunity to look up in the sky for a show organizers say they won't forget. 

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