Family Wonders Why No Arrest Made In Death Of Motorcyclist Who Had Leg Severed At Scene

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Police said that they have a suspect but have not made an arrest in connection with a fatal motorcycle crash.

Family members of Todd Doss, who died eight days after the crash Nov. 11, said that they hoped the wheels of justice would turn more quickly.

Tony Johnson said that he witnessed the crash.

“I had just dropped off one of my parishioners,” Johnson said. “I thought, ’Man, it’s a beautiful day. He’s riding his bike for the last time this season,’ and just as I said that, the car went left of center and hit him.”

Johnson said that he jumped out of his van and ran over to Doss, whose leg was partially severed in the crash.

“It was one of the most, one of the most awful things I ever saw,” Johnson said. “At that time, I took his belt off and tied it around his thigh to stop some of the blood flow.”

The female driver of the vehicle that struck Doss rushed up to where the man was lying, and then she ran from the scene, leaving her car.

“She ran back screaming, ‘Oh my God, oh my God,’” Johnson said. “She looked down, saw him and took off running.”

Doss had the rest of his leg amputated, but he died from his injuries just days before Thanksgiving.

“We took a moment to remember,” said Carol Hays, Doss’ niece. “It was very hard, very hard.”

Now, Hays said, it comes down to one thing: finding the person who struck and killed her uncle.

“Our frustration is that we know who it is, the evidence was left there, and yet there’s still been no arrest,” Hays said. “There were multiple witnesses. She walked away, and he didn’t.”

A man inside of the vehicle that struck Doss stayed at the scene, according to Johnson.

10TV News did not release the name of the female driver because she has not yet been charged.

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