Family Treated For CO Poisoning After Truck Left Running In Garage

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Firefighters found some shocking readings when responding to a home for a carbon monoxide emergency Monday afternoon near Canal Winchester.

Officials said an unattended pick-up truck was left running in a garage for four to five hours on Quinlan Blvd.

Owner Manuel Cendejas said he forgot about the truck until his wife and daughter started to say that they felt sick.

The colorless, odorless gas had built up in the home to alarming levels.

The couple and their two children, ages 5 and 9, were taken to the hospital. They are safe now, but firefighters told them that the gas could have killed them.

"Firefighters, they say if you had gone to sleep, you would never wake up. We would be here in the morning picking up bodies," said Cendejas.

Fire officials said the CO detectors registered readings of more than 700 parts per million.

"It wouldn't take a long time to get sick in a setting that has that much carbon monoxide in the environment," said Dr. Sorab Khandelwal, OSU Wexner Medical Center.

Authorities suggest that all families have a carbon monoxide detector in their home.

Cendejas said he plans on getting one now.

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