Family Searches For Answers 5 Months After Woman’s Mysterious Death

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A family's frustration grows with no answers to their loved one's death, five months after her body was discovered.

Daivena Clay was found dead in a home on Wildwood Avenue March 5.

“I mean, what is undetermined?  My daughter's dead.  You die from something,” said Daivena’s father, Ricardo Clay.

There has been no closure and no healing for Clay.

Questions are all he has more than five months after Daivena was found dead in the home’s basement, wrapped in a blanket.“

All we want to know is who, what and why,”  Clay said.

The autopsy report offers little in answers. 

It does list cause of death as asphyxia due to compression of the neck, but the coroner says she can't determine the how unless she has more information from police.

“I think somebody killed my child, plain and simple,”  said Clay.

He says family saw the scene on television. 

They found out shortly after that it was Daivena.

“She gets a phone call.  She tells the person I can't stay too long,” Clay said.

But Daivena never came back. 

A vigil followed, remembering the young mother of four. 

And bizarre details emerged in the following days including a strange 911 call from the woman who lives in the home.

“He was telling me that the devil was telling him that he had to sacrifice me,” stated a woman on a 911 call the day of Daivena’s death.

She later recanted those words and police say those claims are completely unfounded. 

They will only say they continue to investigate and they're working with the coroner.

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