Family Says Murder-Suicide Victim Was Trying To Leave Relationship

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Kathy Shonkwiler's son found her body Tuesday afternoon in her Lewis Road home. Columbus police say it appears her boyfriend killed her - then killed himself.

Family members say Kathy was preparing to leave Troy Stone when she was found dead.

Her sister says Kathy broke down slowly over the years. Casey Brann adds that Stone was verbally abusive.

“He would call her ugly. You don't look what you did when we first got together, why do I want to be seen with you if you look like that (he would say),” said Brann.

In 13 years, Brann says her sister left Stone five times. But she went back five times.

“His back hurt all the time, had back surgeries couldn't work all of the time. She kept thinking what kind of person am I if I'm not there to take care of him,” said Brann.

But they say the 51-year-old mother and grandmother was recently getting ready to leave for good.

“He knew she was serious this time,” she said.

On Tuesday, after his mom didn't show up at work, Kathy's son stopped by her home.

When no answered the door, he broke in and found his mother and her boyfriend dead in the bedroom.

“I knew right away that's the first thing when Casey told me and I said Troy did it,” said Barbie Johnson, the victim’s cousin.

Police say Stone shot and killed Kathy then killed himself.

Kathy's family, unable to save her life, are hoping sharing her story could save the life of someone else.

10TV reached out to Troy Stone's family. They said they are grieving and didn't want to comment.