Family Running Ohio Military Support Charity Accused Of Misusing Funds


The Ohio Attorney General's Office has filed a lawsuit against the family behind the American Heroes Alliance charity.

According to the AG's office, the family is accused of misleading donors and using more than $150,000 of the charitable assets for personal use.

Rebecca Drobnick and her two children, Timothy and Mindy, are named in lawsuit.

The state said that Drobnick first created a charity called Operation Homefront of Ohio in 2009. Drobnick allegedly used that charity's bank account as her own - including paying for meals, hair salon visits and car repairs.

Her son was reimbursed for IT services, and some of the money was allegedly used to pay for Drobnick's grandson's funeral.

When a national organization moved to revoke Operation Homefront's affiliation, Drobnick refused to turn over any of the assets from her local organization to the national organization, including two vehicles.

The AG said Drobnick then created American Heroes Alliance, and the charity was an extension of her bank account but no charitable programming could be documented.

The Ohio AG's office said that before you donate to a charity, you can find out if they are properly registered at the Ohio Attorney General's website.