Family Outraged At Modest Sentencing Of Driver In Fatal South Bloomfield Crash


Justice denied… that's what the family of a south Bloomfield woman says after the driver responsible for a fatal crash gets a punishment they didn't expect.

Roger Hampshire Jr. says his sister had a desire for life.  "She rode a Harley; little thing, not much over 100 pounds, but she had a lot of spunk.”

It's that spirit, he says, that he misses the most.

"She was energetic, she always did whatever she wanted to,” recalls Roger.

Last September, Hampshire's sister, Amy Jo Schneider, was the driver of one of three cars sitting at a red light when she was hit from behind by a semi driven by Tracy Ferrell.  Police say Ferrell had fallen asleep at the wheel and in the moments after the crash, ripped a page out of his log book and tried to hide it.

He was convicted of tampering with evidence and sentenced to 15 months in prison.  Ferrell is still waiting to take a plea on the misdemeanor charge of vehicular manslaughter.

But that only carries a maximum of 90 days in jail, which Ferrell likely will not serve any extra time for that.

Roger Hampshire Jr. calls the sentence a slap in the face.

Gary Kenworthy, Circleville's City Law Director, says he understands the family's pain, but Ohio law won't allow him to do anything else.  "In that situation, as he did plead guilty to the felony case.  Any misdemeanor has to run concurrent as far as sentencing with the felony charge. So, we couldn't get him any additional time."

That's not enough for Schneider's family.  “We feel like my sister got killed in a car wreck and we feel like he is not paying his dues,” adds Hampshire Jr.

Ferrell is scheduled to plead guilty to vehicular manslaughter in three weeks.