Family of murdered Mansfield mom unhappy with investigation

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The family of a young mother killed in a murder-suicide in Mansfield is making claims that police aren't investigating. But police said that's far from the truth.

Twenty-two-year-old Kaitlyn Carroll-Peak was killed by her on-again-off-again boyfriend March 8. What followed was a search for a baby, a high-speed police chase and eventually, the death of the suspect.

“I wasn’t just her aunt, she was my friend and I’m going to miss her so much,” said Tricia Carroll.

The loss of Kaitlyn is heartbreaking to her family. And there's a seven-week-old child who will never know her mother.

“I want everyone to see this baby girl and know that her mother could have been here if it wouldn’t have been for multiple failures of police agencies,” said Kaitlyn’s father, Kevin Peak.

Kevin is not happy with law enforcement right now. Kaitlyn was killed by Dakota Steagall. The family says the two had been broken up for months. They had a history of domestic abuse.

Police reports show claims on both sides. The family said Kaitlyn had been living in her own apartment.

“We don’t know where Dakota got the gun, we don’t know how Dakota got to her house that day because he didn’t drive and he didn’t have a vehicle,” said Tricia.

The two ended up in Kaitlyn's car outside Dakota's apartment. Dakota fired a shot in the car, Kaitlyn ran and he shot her multiple times. He took off with her baby in the back, eventually dropping the child off with family than killing himself after a police chase.

“I want everyone to call, I want everyone to figure out why there were so many failures in my daughter’s case,” said Kevin.

Kevin claims others knew Dakota intended to do this. He saiD police haven't talked to him and he believes they've closed the case.

Mansfield police say that is not true. They realize two families lost members and they're actively investigating this to figure out what happened.

They say they're following every lead they get and want to see the results of the coroner's report which could take 12 weeks.