Family Of Murdered Jogger Speaks Out For First Time

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The son of Jane Juergens, the woman stabbed to death in a Blendon Township park, is speaking out for the first time.

Andy Juergens sat down with 10TV's Shelby Croft Thursday.  He and his brother, Matt, also just lost their father, to cancer.  They're quick to point this out, sharing all of this is not to gain sympathy, just part of the story.

They want to honor their mother.  They say the world lost a great person; a mentor, a motivator, positive influence and friend.  They say her spirit lives on and they want her message to also.

Andy and Matt say Jane believed in karma above all else and shared three of her favorite quotes:

"Never underestimate the power of positivity."

"In a world full of energies, you will get back what you give off."

"Stay positive and optimistic in any situation because anger and negativity will never make anything better."

Andy and Matt went on to say, if they've managed to stay positive through this, they challenge others with any struggle to take a step back, think of Jane, smile, find the positive and make the best of whatever they're going through.

Lastly, the two touched briefly on Jordan Stewart, the person accused of taking Jane's life.  Stewart agreed to be tried as an adult and is expected to take a plea deal to a life sentence with the possibility of parole after 18 years. 

The sons have this to say Stewart, "Whether it's 18 years or 100 years, it will never be long enough.  You took a life that was not yours to take and consequently gave up your own when you committed this vicious crime.  On behalf of our wonderful mother, the universe has a way of working itself out."

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