Family Of Mount Vernon Stabbing Victim Speaks Out


The family of an elderly woman murdered in her apartment is speaking out about their loss, and to the man police say is responsible for her death.

Marilyn Eversole's family says lung cancer had left her almost immobile and spent her entire day in her favorite green chair.

"She lived in that chair", said her son-in-law Jack Cunningham.

Her chair, the family says, is where she lost her life. Police identified the intruder as Tyrone Caldwell, who detectives say walked in and stabbed her.

Her family believes he's the same man who stole her TV late last year.

"We feel confident that the guy who took the TV last fall is the same guy who was there the day before yesterday," said Cunningham.

 The family says Eversole wasn't scared of anyone, which explains why - against her family’s pleas - she always kept her front door open.

"Everybody warned her about closing her door, but she was a tough gal," said Cunningham. The family says she kept her door open because she smoked.

On the morning of the murder, police say a home health aide came and saw Caldwell in the apartment.

 Detectives say as the aide called 911, saying she was struck in the head.  The aide fell in the bathroom, locked the door and sounded the emergency alarm.

A neighbor heard it, ran to the apartment, and called for help.

"She had her medical aide with her and he beat her up and it looks like there is blood under her," said the caller.

That caller ran out and spotted the suspect in the driveway.

"The license plate number is Y196019. It's a temporary tag on like a purple-ish colored minivan," said the caller.

After that call, police say they spotted Caldwell somewhere in the woods near the apartment, just three-tenths of a mile from the murder scene.

As for the ex-con suspected of taking her life, Eversole's family says they have little to say to him.

“There's nothing to say to people like that.  He's been an on-going problem.  Some people can be rehabbed others can't, and this one can't," said Cunningham.