Family Makes Desperate Plea To Find 89-Year-Old Great-Grandmother’s Killer

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Columbus Police say they are closing in on their prime suspect after a great-grandmother was killed over cash and some pocket change on her 71st wedding anniversary.

89-year-old Anna Mae Eblen was home alone, when police say someone entered her house on East 12th Avenue in April.

The detective working this case tells 10TV he is only days away from getting DNA results that he hopes will help crack the case.

Eblen's 91-year-old husband and daughter are sharing their loss for the first time.

"They killed her on their 71st wedding anniversary. They got married April 17th and this person killed her on April 17th. The anniversary cards were still sitting on the TV," said Eblen's daughter, Linda Sloan.

A heartbreaking moment for a daughter, and her 91-year-old father.

"He's a basket case. I mean, we have our up days, we have our down days. I think we cry just about every day, don't we," said Sloan to her father.

Nearly a month after 89-year-old Anna Mae Eblen was stabbed to death, during a home invasion, her killer is still on the loose.

"She needed to enjoy her last few years. Not the way it ended," said Sloan.

Linda Sloan says her mother was home alone, but that wasn't the norm. She says her father, Harold Eblen, was in the hospital at the time. She thinks whoever killed her mother, knew it.

"He obviously has no soul. I mean, how are you going to slap an 89-year-old woman around and slice her throat for 35 bucks," questioned Sloan.

The day of the murder, the family said the weather was beautiful. They say she was outside feeding her birds and squirrels, and had gone inside for just one moment, leaving her gate and back door unlocked. It was a vulnerable moment, when they say the criminal attacked.

"And this monster watched her. Took advantage of that little lapse moment there and killed her," said Sloan.

Flowers now adorn the outside their house, in remembrance of Anna Mae Eblen. A great-grandmother, who is dearly missed.

"It's just too much for words. It's just too much to put into words how we're feeling," said Sloan.

A difficult and emotional time for this family, who desperately wants police to find the killer and put the person behind bars for a long time.

If you have information about the suspect, you can leave an anonymous tip for Crime Stoppers at 614-461-TIPS.

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