Family Hopes City Installs Guardrails Following Fatal Pond Crash


Willie Damon tried everything he could to contact his wife Friday night.

"When I opened the garage door and didn't see her car I figured ok something is wrong," said Damon. "I started to call her and her phone went to voicemail so I said maybe she'll call me."

Police said that Denise Damon hydro-planed on Shannon Road and skidded her car into a nearby retention pond. She remained trapped in her car underwater.

Police and witnesses tried to rescue her but were unsuccessful.

"We do thank those people for trying to get her out even though they couldn't," said Alicia Damon.

The family believes something else may have caused the crash. They said Denise was a cautious driver, especially around Shannon Road.

"We always talk about that curve that someone was going to get hurt cause there's no railing to stop anyone from going over," said Willie Damon.

"We're thinking something else happened up to the event because there's no skid marks leading into the water," added Alicia.

The family hopes the city will install guardrails along the road to protect other drivers.

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