Family Fights To Keep Mother’s Murderer From Walking Free

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A family continues their fight to keep their mother's killer behind bars.

They say they are the voice for a woman, who no longer has one.  

Now, they’re concerned a murderer might walk free.

The family of Katherine Howard says they stand for justice.

Howard was shot and killed in 1989. Her family keeps old newspaper clippings, which show the Dairy Mart in Marion, where the fatal shooting happened.

Her killer - Brenda Lewis - has spent more than 20 years behind bars, and Howard's family says it's not a day less than she deserves.

“She doesn't deserve to be out. She took a life. She needs to spend the rest of her life incarcerated,” said Howard’s daughter, Crystal Howard.

Lewis has already come up for parole three times.  

Each time, Howard's family says they've stood in front of the prison and received immediate answers.

This time, they say, it's different.

“We want answers, we want something. And they're giving us nothing,” said Crystal Howard.

Howard's daughter, Crystal, says all she wants is word from the parole board, that the person who killed her mother, will stay in prison.  She says she’s angry at the outcome on Friday.

“All they can tell us is, that it's going in the front of the central office and 30 to 60 days we'll know something,” Crystal Howard said.

“(It’s) very upsetting that it's just a repeat for my sister and brother to continue to keep going thru this. And it's very hard for them, cause they have to live this memory every time,” says family member, Crystal Kirk.

A haunting memory, they wish they could move on from, but not before they get answers.

“It's like they keep doing it so you will give up, that you'll just get tired of doing it, but we're not going to get tired. I will never get tired of doing this,” she said.

A judge sentenced Brenda Lewis to 15 years to life.

On Friday, the victim's family learned it could be another month or two before they hear the parole board's decision of whether she stays in prison or walks out a free woman.

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