Family Of Child Shot In Car Wants Memory Of Child To Live On


A day after 23-year-old Robert Broom was jailed for murder in the death of his 8-year-old nephew, the boy's family speaks out.

Detectives said Broom fired a gun from his car and a bullet fired by someone else on the street struck the 8-year-old child in the head.

Jamarion Broom Cox died four days later. The little boy's father and his family said they're not angry, they just want justice.

This family called the deadly shooting a horrible tragedy.  Even though another family member of the child is charged in his death, they said they don't hold any hostility toward Robert Broom.

Instead, they want others to learn from the child's senseless death. 

"It becomes a part of life now and you don't want it to be, not at all. It's like a cut through your whole body that'll never heal,” said the boy’s father, Robert Cox.

Robert Cox lost his oldest son in that shooting.  “No parent wants to bury their child. It's supposed to be the other way around,” said Cox.

He and his sister, Daja Cox, want Jamarion Broom Cox to be remembered for how he lived his short life and not how he died.

“Jamarion was the life of the party. He loved motorcycles,” said Daja Cox. 

She has a message to others, “My eight year old nephew was taken because of violence and we're ready for the violence to be stopped.”

“I'm not mad at anybody. I'm not mad at Robert Broom. I'm not mad at any other side of the family. Everybody makes mistakes and this just happened to be the mistake with my son involved. My son was an angel sent from God, and God came back and got his angel,” said Robert Cox.

Jamarion's family said the boy's spirit will forever carry on.

“If you know what I know, love your babies. Take good care of them. Teach them everything that you can, because mine is gone and I'll never see him again, but he lives in my heart and that's all I have and that's all I hold onto. Jamarion, motorcycle man,” said Robert Cox.

This family told 10TV that they have grown closer since the Jamarion's death.

Police are now focused on finding the others involved in the shooting.

Robert Broom is being held in jail on a $2 million bond.