Family Calls For Justice After Body Of 21 Year Old Dumped In Ditch


Her daughter overdosed and died from using heroin and her body was dumped in a ditch.

That mother now has message for all parents who suspect their children are using drugs.

From the courtroom gallery, Connie Hollingsworth held a picture of her daughter Jordyn high above her head.

She says she wanted the two men who dumped her daughter’s lifeless body on the side of a road to remember her face.

“I hate them. I wish they were buried on Friday also,” she says.

Friday is when 21-year old Jordyn Hollingsworth - single mother of a 3-year old girl-- will be buried.

Hollingsworth says her daughter struggled with a heroin addiction for some time, and that she told her husband she dreamed one day heroin would take her life.

“I'm waiting for the sheriff to come knock on my door to tell me she is dead. That was weeks ago, and it's actually happened", she said.

Police say 24-year-old Corey Roberts and 22-year-old Nicholas McCord partied with Jordyn at McCord's Groveport apartment. 

Deputies say Jordyn was unresponsive, but the men went to bed. Jordyn was dead by morning, and the two drove her body to a ditch. 

Jordyn’s mother says her daughter's story should be wake up call to others about drug addiction.

“Do everything you can to get between your child and those drugs, tough love, whatever it takes. Be there. Get them off the drugs,” she said.

Police say there could be more charges in the case pending the outcome of the autopsy.