Family Angry About Plea Deal For Cop


"Just like TV, slammed me on the table, handcuffed me,"  said Jeremy Blake.

That's how it all started.  Blake says he got in a shoving match with another kid at a pizza place.  Officer Randall Secoy responded and was rough right away.  Then he took Blake to the station and assaulted him.

"He slammed me up against the wall and I didn't say nothing.  He said he ran the show and he'd send me to Lancaster.  You know, just being a bully,"  Blake said.

"We felt violated.  The police are there to protect and serve you,"  said Blake's mother, Roberta Riley.

And after court, the family is adding let down to that feeling of violation.  The prosecutor struck a deal with Secoy.  He has to forfeit his peace officer certification, he can never be a cop again, two years probation, but no jail time.

"I think he should have been found guilty of violating Jeremy's civil rights, the assault at least,"  said Riley.

"I just think it's unfair with probation with non-reporting.  I don't think it's fair,"  said Blake.

Riley says the incident forced them to move.  They uprooted their kids from school and sports and a community they'd lived in their whole lives.

"Kids wasn't comfortable and didn't feel like they would be able to remain in the community because it was all over town you know, it was a small town,"  said Riley.

But prosecutor Keller Blackburn is adamant the plea deal was the only solution.

"The best way to protect the public was to ensure he's no longer an officer and that's what we accomplished,"  said Blackburn.

Secoy was facing charges of assault, violating civil rights and abduction.  Blackburn wanted his badge permanently yanked.

"The only conviction that would ensure that was the abduction conviction.  That was definitely our most difficult charge to prove,"  said Blackburn.

Secoy was only convicted of a misdemeanor.

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