Families Remember Loved Ones Lost To Violence

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It's National Crime Victims Week - an effort to raise awareness about violence across the nation.

On Sunday afternoon in Columbus, hundreds of balloons were released into the air to remember murder victims.

It was a day of remembrance for families and friends who lost loved ones to murder.

Carol Gilmore lost her son Corey Mitchell in May of 2010.

"It was a terrible crime," she said. "We still don't know why they did it. They shot him four times and his daughter was shot once."

His daughter survived, now in the care of her grandmother.

For Deborah Scott, it was her sister Mary who fell victim to a horrific crime at just 23 years old. Her attacker beat her up, raped her and strangled her.

Heart breaking stories, that brought all of these people together.

And in memory of their loved ones, and in honor of national crime victim's week, they covered the sky with red and black - releasing balloons with a special message.

The local chapter of Parents of Murdered Children hosted the event.

Their purpose is to serve as a support group to anyone who has suffered the murder of a loved one.