Families Find Ways To Stay Cool In Extreme Heat


Even as the sun went down Saturday, temperatures remained hot and the calls to 911 for heat emergencies kept coming in.

If you spent any time outside this weekend, it is clear why.

The most popular place to be across central Ohio was public pools packed with families trying to beat the heat.

"We're just swimming and drinking a lot of water," said Jill Gaughan.

Gaughan said she and her kids have been at the Grandview Pool almost every day this week and have noticed the crowds start getting bigger as the temperatures start soaring.

At Berliner Park, the dust was flying during this weekend's girls softball tournament.

The excessive heat presented new challenges for the players to stay at the top of their game.

"I get worried for the girls because as much as they like to play softball, they're working hard out there. I don't want to see them get taken in by the heat, but at the same time, we're watching over them, and they're having a good time, so they'll get through it," said Greg Williams, the father of one of the girls competing.

There were plenty of water bottles, coolers filled with ice, drinks and cold rags to cool off between innings.

"I've got to give them credit because I don't know what it is out there on the dirt, but it's 15 degrees hotter there," said Suzie Brenstuhl, a parent at Berliner Park.

The field was a lot hotter than Suzie Brenstuhl and other parents who were under tents in the shade.

Even the umpires felt the heat.

But parents said even with temperatures at or above a hundred degrees, it's not all that bad.

"At least we have a breeze today," said Brenstuhl.

Everyone hoped for a little bit of a cool down as the tournament continued Sunday.

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