Fairfield County Man Steps Out Of House, Into Sinkhole

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The quiet town of Baltimore, Ohio, had some unexpected excitement Friday morning.

A squad had to be called after a man stepped out of his house and into a sinkhole that had formed in his front yard.

Butch and Mary Peck said they left their house, which is adorned with a lucky horseshoe, to get some medicine for Mary Friday morning.

“It was horrible,” Mary said. “He just disappeared.”

Butch said he thought he stepped in a post hole.

“And I thought, ‘I didn’t dig a post hole here.’ And all of a sudden, the sidewalk was gone, and I was in the hole,” he said.

The walkway and the land below collapsed into an 8-foot sinkhole. Butch hit the water pipe below.

He said he was able to brace himself, step on the pipe and climb out.

Mary, who runs a home day care, said she knows things could have been a lot worse.

“This is where all the kids line up for the bus,” she said. “And they’re always playing right there. Anybody could have really been hurt.”

Butch said that except for a sore knee, he feels fine.

The man who lives under the horseshoe said he felt so lucky that he bought a lottery ticket.

“I don’t’ know, I guess I’m lucky today,” Butch said.

The Pecks said that Baltimore officials told them they would come fix the sinkhole on Monday.

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