Facebook Post Leads Short North Store Owner To Suspected Thief

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A store owner took matters into his own hands after a thief targeted his business.

When John Quinn, owner of Tigertree on North High Street in the Short North, noticed a $260 Pendleton blanket was missing from his store, he quickly checked security footage.

Video surveillance showed two suspicious shoppers lurking near the blanket display, right in front of a security camera.

In the footage, one man can be seen placing the blanket behind a fixture and then on the floor, before using his jacket to cover it up.

The suspected thief seemed to be spooked before initially exiting the store.

"He went and stashed it in another fixture, came back a few minutes later, grabbed it and took off," Quinn said.

Angered by what he saw, Quinn quickly posted video of the theft on the store's Facebook page. Several comments and shares later, tips poured in-including a potential name of the suspect.

Quinn said that it took one phone call to the alleged thief, and the blanket was back by the front door eight hours later.

"We got way more than $300 of value out of knowing what kind of community we have and friends in Columbus that are willing to come through and support small business in the way they did," Quinn said.

Quinn said that it would be up to the prosecutor to decide is charges would be filed against the suspected thief.

The storeowner said that he used Facebook once before after someone stole a pair of sunglasses which were returned one day later.

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