Extra Security Planned After Shooting Near Elementary School


A Columbus elementary school will have added security Friday morning after an emotional scene, when parents reunited with their children following a shooting and a lockdown.

Columbus City Schools locked down Liberty Elementary School in East Columbus for more than two hours, after a shooting outside injured two people.

Police say a 14-year-old boy is in critical condition after he was shot in the leg and a 20-year-old man was stable after being shot in the foot.

A CCS spokesperson says the 14-year-old did not attend Liberty Elementary or Independence High School next door.

Police say it all started just down this street from the elementary school, when a group of people got into an argument.

"I was standing in my window, and I thought I just seen a lot of kids outside just fighting or something, cause they do that all the time," said neighbor, Eboney Lindsey.
With her four-month old in her arms, Eboney Lindsey thinks back to the moments just before someone fired a gun outside her home.

"I got down on the floor, and I was behind my couch screaming, 'they're shooting,' and I couldn't go back and get my baby cause I was scared to run in front of the window," said Lindsey.

Lindsey says she is thankful none of her children were hit by stray bullets, especially since she says she saw the gun and heard four gunshots.

"I thought it was fake though. I really couldn't believe what had happened then, when I seen him shooting, I was like, this isn't fake," said Lindsey.

Another neighbor told 10TV she was on the phone at the time with 911, when the fight escalated into the shooting, sending people scattering, including the two victims who headed straight toward the elementary school.

Responding police officers quickly marked off a large crime scene, from where the shots were fired to where the two victims were found.

At the same time, students at the elementary school were put on lock down.

"This is the first lockdown that we're aware of, and he's been here since kindergarten," said parent, Kelly Cotton.

Parents, like Cotton, lined up for hours outside the school, as they waited for their children, who were kept safe inside Liberty Elementary.

"I live not too far from here and it's disheartening that this is going on essentially in my neighborhood. So, I'm just hoping the kids aren't afraid and didn't see anything scary," said Cotton.

"Our concern now is, is the neighborhood safe anymore," said neighbor and aunt of student, Priscilla Ware.

Columbus Police detectives say they're still interviewing witnesses and people of interest, in their efforts to find the shooter.

They say they will have increased patrol around the school on Friday to make sure everyone in the school and the neighborhood is safe.