Extra Police Patrolling Central Ohio Roads On St. Patrick’s Holiday Weekend

MGN Online

St. Patrick's day isn't until Monday, but celebrations are well underway across Central Ohio.  For police, it means an all-out effort to keep drunk drivers off the road.

While good weather means people are packing the bars, those drinking tell 10TV they know better than to drive.

“We're trying to hail a cab right now. Taking a cab everywhere, there's checkpoints everywhere. Take a taxi everywhere. Don't drive,” said Kylie Feldner.

Across Central Ohio, police know some drivers will be drunk, and because of that they're out in force.

“It's important to keep people safe and the last thing we want is to have to inform someone of a tragedy, or loss of life, or serious injury at the hands of an impaired driver,” said Dublin Police Officer Charles Sterling.

Officer Sterling says he's looking for people swerving, not using the right signals, not having their lights on at night, and much more.

In fact, while 10TV was riding along with Officer Sterling, he spots a car breaking the law.

“I'm Officer Sterling with Dublin Police Department. I stopped you for a couple of reasons. You had a lanes violation (I'm sorry) where you went over the yellow line,” said Officer Sterling to the driver.

He tells 10TV the driver was not drunk, just distracted, and had an outstanding warrant.

Just one of many stops, Dublin police will make throughout the weekend, while trying to keep the roads safe on this holiday known for drinking.

“We are one of the safest suburbs in the country, so we want to keep it that way,” said Officer Sterling.

Taxi cab companies are running and a number of bars, cities, and counties are offering discounted or free rides for those who need it.  They remind motorists: don't drink and drive.