Ex-Deputy Alleged In Delaware County Sheriff's Scandal Claims Discrimination


The former Delaware County sheriff's deputy who was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with former Sheriff Walter Davis filed a discrimination complaint against the department this week.

The complaint was received by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on Tuesday, 10TV's Jason Frazer reported.

According to the complaint, Janine Senanayake claimed that the sexual harassment led to her performance decline and ultimately her firing from the department on April 24.

Senanayake, formerly known as Janine England, filed the complaint earlier this month saying that a former co-worker "continually harassed me with unwanted sexual comments."

The former deputy said that she believed she was "discharged in retaliation for my race, Asian and in participating in a protected activity. I believed that I was sexually harassed due to my sex, female in volition of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended."

Senanayake’s attorney said that she filed the complaint after her co-worker, a deputy, repeatedly stated that he wanted Senanayke to have his baby.

The attorney said that Senanayke complained to her boss, who then retaliated against her by giving her a lower job evaluation.

Davis resigned as sheriff on April 9, just days after 10 Investigates' Paul Aker uncovered information that Davis used county money to go to an out-of-state hotel where Senanayake was staying.

In 2009, she resigned as a police officer in Perry Township in Stark County after a video surfaced. The video showed her in a patrol car with the police chief. A patrol car camera captured the intimate scene as the two were taking a prisoner to jail.

Despite the incident, Senanayake was hired by the Delaware County Sheriff's Office in October 2010. Since then, sources told 10 Investigates that she spent nights out with Davis.

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