Ex-Buckeye Models New Ohio State Uniform


Ohio State will head into the Big House on Saturday, sporting a look that is both new and old, 10TV's Dom Tiberi reported.

On Monday, former player Raymont Harris modeled the 1954 throwback uniform, just days before it debuts in one of the biggest rivalry traditions in college football.

Players said they are looking forward to sporting a new style on Saturday.

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"I think they're great.  I honestly wish we could wear them as an alternate all the time.  It's a flashy little style," said senior safety Kurt Coleman.

Junior defensive lineman Thaddeus Gibson agreed.

"It's going to be a great feeling;  go up there and look different," Gibson said.

Michigan will be wearing their regular uniforms for Saturday's game.

Meanwhile, while the big game this week is against Michigan, fans are already gearing up for the Rose Bowl.

Rose Bowl T-shirts and other apparel went on sale Monday. 

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