Energy Workers Brave The Cold So You Have Heat

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Brian Jones and Jared Burden have one of the toughest jobs this week.

They are forced to be out in the snow, ice and sub-zero wind chills to make sure the power stays on.

"We do watch the weather, maybe more so than other people, we deal with whatever comes our way,” said Brian Jones, power line worker. "You just get used to it, I guess, Ohio is one of those states, as far as a perfect day, there are's either hot, cold, rain or snow.”

Ice and wind are their biggest enemies, taking a toll on their equipment. They say the truck works slower due to the hydraulics.

On this day, Brian and Jared are not dealing with any power outages.

They're taking care of routine maintenance, changing a fuse switch on this power pole. Brian says if there's one thing he's learned in his 20 years out in the field, it's to be prepared for anything.

"Worst case scenario, line starts to break, snap, power goes out in mass areas, we're ready. We have chains for trucks to get around, ready to do what it takes to get people back on."

And he says he and Jared will be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws their way in the coming days.

"Cold weather does affect us, but not our safety, when we get cold, we'll come down and get warmed up for a minute, that may be the only thing that changes with this bitter cold weather."