Employees At Chinese Restaurant Nab Female Robber Suspected In Other Crimes

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Police say the employees at General Tso's in northwest Columbus could be responsible for ending a robbery spree by tackling the suspect to the ground. 

The suspect was using a fake gun to try to rob the store.

She threatened employees with the fake weapon, but the employees tackled her to the floor. They held her down until police arrived.

Chun-Wei Tang is by all accounts non-confrontational.

But on Sunday, the 60-year-old co-owner of General Tso's Chinese restaurant didn’t hesitate when she took the suspect by the hair.

“Then, my employee come and my husband come and catch her,” she says.

Columbus police say Courtney Collmar pointed what appeared to be a gun at Tang's daughter - and demanded she open the register. The register was opened, and then the employee yelled in Taiwanese, which alerted others that it was a robbery. 

“I just figured I should let someone know, someone in the restaurant know, cause she is stealing our money,” said Crystal Tang.

Crystal Tang called 911 and tried to give the dispatcher a suspect description. As she’s on the phone with 911 operators, you can hear the employees and the suspect in the background.

Columbus police detectives say they believe the female suspect is responsible for nearly a dozen recent robberies. She is alleged to have committed a robbery this month at a Worthington Dairy Queen. 

Chun-Wei says she's just started to realize the magnitude of their actions when police said she and her employees may not only have stopped a suspect, but also a spree.

10TV spoke to a woman who lives with the suspect, Courtney Collmar. The woman tells 10TV that she is shocked by the allegations against her and doesn’t know why she would have done it. Collmar is due in court Tuesday morning.