Employee: Dann Should Resign

An employee inside the attorney general's office spoke with 10 Investigates on Wednesday and said the sex scandal is a growing distraction among the office's 1,400 employees.
He also said he believed it was time for Dann to resign from office, 10 Investigates' Paul Aker reported.

Top Democrats called for embattled Attorney General Marc Dann to resign earlier this week following a sexual harassment investigation that ousted three of Dann's top aides.
The situation compounded when Dann himself admitted to an affair with one of his employees.

Late last week, the two women at the center of the investigation, staffers Vanessa Stout and Cindy Stankoski, spoke with 10 Investigates about the case. On Wednesday, CJ Edgington, who also works in the Attorney General's Office, offered his take on the situation involving his boss.
"Most of the stuff, I was surprised by it," Edgington said.
Edgington said he watched Friday's news conference as it happened. He said that's when he and many other employees lost faith in Dann, 10 Investigates' Paul Aker reported.
"The collective feeling … everyone's pretty much backing Vanessa and Cindy, of course," Edgington said. "Now that the allegations are pretty much true."
10 Investigates asked Edgington if he thought Dann could lead his office right now.
"Some people think, not really," Edgington said. "They think he should resign."
It was a feeling Dann bolstered when he made an awkward excuse for his mismanagement, Aker reported.
"I don't know how many people here expected me to win the election," Dann said during his Friday news conference, "but I wasn't among them."
Edgington raises concern about Dann's statement.
"If you're not ready," Edgington said, "don't stick your foot in."
"I don't think he should stay in office, personally," Edgington said.
According to Edgington, the majority opinion in the office was that Dann should resign. He said there were still some who supported the attorney general, but the uncertainty was apparent.
"What's next for Marc Dann, and next for us, too?" Edgington said.
Democrats threatened Dann with impeachment earlier this week if he refused to resign immediately. Lawmakers are currently looking into what it would take to impeach the attorney general, Aker reported.
No timetable was given.
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