Emergency Rooms Fill Up With Patients Suffering From Ice-Related Injuries


Mount Carmel St. Ann’s emergency room filled with patients who slipped on the ice that formed below the snow on Friday.
Staff said that they patched up between 20 and 30 people who came in with broken bones.
“On a usual day, probably one or two, maybe three at most, but today’s we’re probably 10 times that number or more with associated significant injuries,” said Frank Orth, an emergency physician at St. Ann’s.
Judith McMahon fell while she was bringing in trash cans. She land on her hip and broke it.
“Next thing I knew, I was on the ground,” McMahon said. “I hit my knee then hit my hip.”
She said that the pain was intense.
“So, I was laying on my back in the snow for maybe 20 minutes, and then a neighbor came out,” McMahon said.
Doctors advised those out in the snow and ice to hold on to railings.
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