Emergency Order Issued For Gahanna Creek


Gahanna residents have been ordered to stay out of the Big Walnut Creek.
Mayor Becky Stinchcomb, at the request of police and firefighters, issued the emergency order Wednesday evening.
Anyone caught in the Big Walnut Creek within Gahanna city limits could be arrested.
The order comes after search crews spent the late afternoon hours of Wednesday looking for two boys reportedly in the water.

The witness who called police told 10TV that she saw two boys about 12 or 13-years-old in the water hanging onto a partially submerged railing.
She says she lost track of the boys when she entered a parking lot and did not know if they made it out or got swept away.
Firefighters say if the water carried the boys away, it would be very difficult for them to swim to safety.
"It's moving incredibly swiftly and, you know, it's just about impossible to swim in these conditions," said Dep. Chief Fred Kauser with the Mifflin Township Fire Department.
Firefighters determined their best approach would be launching search boats to check the banks.
"That way they could get under the underbrush and look for evidence," Kauser said.
The search crews say leave the boating to them in these conditions. They were adamant that a flooded creek is not a safe place for the general public.
"This is not a time to be launching kayaks and rafts for pleasure," said Kauser.

Police and firefighters called off the search Wednesday evening.

At last check no one had reported any missing children. It gives law enforcement hope the search may have been a false alarm.

Read the emergency order issued by the city of Gahanna: http://www.gahanna.gov/NewsDetail.aspx?article=8945668