Embezzlement Reports On The Rise In Westerville


Employees stealing from their employers: It’s a growing crime in one central Ohio community. Westerville detectives said they have investigated more embezzlement cases this year than the last two years combined.

Westerville police recently arrested a woman for grand theft after they say they discovered she was stealing about $90 a day from her employer over the last two years. The case against Darcy Day is one of a growing stack and detectives are actively investigating.

Westerville detective Ted Smith said embezzlement is being reported more and more.  “When she became a manager in this cafeteria, it went a short amount of time before they actually started to see where fraudulent transactions or days when the daily logs were altered, and this didn't match up to what the profits should have been.”

Smith said Day was working for Aramark, the company that oversees food service operations at the Chase location on Brooksedge Boulevard in Westerville. Over a roughly two year period, she allegedly swiped more than $65,000 from the registers, and, in turn, the company.

Smith solely investigates financial crimes. So far this year, he said he's taken four embezzlement cases, and has more in the queue. That is an increase from last year when he didn’t investigate a single embezzlement complaint.

“I don't know why we are seeing inflation in the embezzlement cases; sometimes things come and go in waves and we must be at the peak of it now,” Smith said.

Aramark said Day has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. She is out of jail on bond and is due back in court later this month.