Elderly Woman Robbed After Trying To Help Couple


An 85-year-old woman trying to do a good deed, instead, got robbed by the people she was trying to help.

Talitha Nichols says she’s now out all her money and many of her personal belongings.

The police have video surveillance of the people they are trying to catch.

“I went home and my husband said, ‘What took you so long?’ And I said, ‘Don’t start on me. I don’t feel like it. Someone took my purse today,’” said Nichols.

Nichols was on a routine trip to the store that turned into a gut-wrenching theft and sent shock-waves through her entire family.

“I was kind of angry and relieved she was okay, because I said, they could have hit you over the head,” said the victim’s daughter, Debbie Duncan.

Nicholas was waiting at the red light near Carnival Foods on N. Memorial Drive, when someone knocked on her window.

The couple explained that their car broke down, and they needed a ride.

“I said, well, yeah, I guess I can take you down there, cause I was going to go to Aldi’s anyhow” Nicholas says.

Nichols says she drove the man and the woman about a mile to a car lot on on W. 6th Avenue where she says the man distracted her with a question, while the woman snatched her purse.

Duncan says her mom keeps a lot of different things in her purse, including “her billfold, her credit cards, her driver’s license, her social security number”.

Surveillance video shows the woman running off with the brown purse, and the man following close behind.

Duncan is afraid that if her mother had noticed they were stealing her purse, it could have been worse.

“She would have probably tried to stop them and they would have probably done a whole lot more… she wouldn’t have been any match for them. We might have been in the hospital” Duncan says.

The family hopes someone will recognize the man and woman seen in the surveillance video.

They hope police will arrest them before they target another victim.

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