Education Committee Chair Says Four Additional Calamity Days Certain For Schools


This will be music to the ears of many central Ohio school districts.  State senator Peggy Lehner, chair of the Senate Education Committee, tells 10TV that by this time next week, the calamity days issue will be settled.

"By this time next week it's going to be resolved," said Lehner.  "The House had a different version than we did but both created basically four additional calamity days. We're meeting now and working that out.  It will include four additional days."

The House proposed adding four additional calamity days for school districts in January, but the Senate stalled the legislation after they disagreed on specifics.

"The senate was saying it's most important to get kids in their seats as much as we can," said Lehner.  "We understand this has been a horrible winter but we should use those five contingency days that schools already planned on."

Lehner also says that blizzard bags are not good long term substitutes for children being in class.

"I think blizzard bags are better than nothing," said Lehner.  "But they don't begin to substitute for quality time in the classroom with a quality teacher."

You can watch the entire interview with Lehner this Sunday on Capitol Square.  It airs at 11:30 a.m. only on 10TV.