Economy At Heart Of Fall Race For Ohio Governor Between Kasich And FitzGerald

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Republican Gov. John Kasich and Democratic rival Ed FitzGerald will focus this fall on Ohio's economic position and how that has hit or benefited workers and businesses in the state.

Kasich already launched a series of biographical TV ads emphasizing his blue-collar roots along the Ohio River — albeit on the Pennsylvania side — and his belief that economic prosperity should be shared.

The 45-year-old FitzGerald, of Lakewood, is the Cuyahoga County executive, a former FBI agent, prosecutor and mayor. He criticizes the economic comeback celebrated by Kasich as disproportionately benefiting the wealthy.

The 61-year-old Kasich, a former congressman and Lehman Brothers managing director, responds directly to the issue in his ads. He says power and wealth don't prevent a person from working to help the less fortunate.