East Columbus Residents Want Historic Landmark Cleaned Up


Residents living near the Franklin Park Trolley Barn want the owner to take responsibility for the graffiti and vandalism at the once historic landmark.

The facility has been unoccupied for years and now, even the façade worries some people.

“Slate that’s fallen off the roof, it’s very sharp and jagged,” said James Flannery, Franklin Park Civic Association.

Falling slate, crumbling brick, spray painted walls and collapsed ceilings have made it a magnet for criminals and also a health hazard.

“This is a very dangerous site, it needs to be addressed, there are numerous code violations,” said Flannery.

Flanner has sat on the Civic Association Board for years is now the driving force behind the push for new development at the landmark site.

He fears his concerns are falling on deaf ears.

“I provided the owner of the property with information on a company that could help in removing the graffiti but there has been no progress,” said Flannery.

The owner of the property emailed 10TV with the following reaction: “I am awaiting drawings to secure a permit to continue working on the property.”

Neighbors argue time is of the essence after watching the deterioration for years.

The back end of the property is right against homes on Franklin Park South where residents complain that gaps with garbage cause rodents to show up in their yards.

“It's a habitat for all kinds of little creatures,” said neighbor Patricia Dismon.

“We've had a couple opossums raccoons, couple of stray cats. (We’re) always trying to find ways to keep them out," said Becky Cornely.

“It’s disgusting what it does to our community,” said Flannery.

The Franklin Park Civic Association plans to present this position statement highlighting their concerns about the property to city council in the coming days.

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