Dublin Video Of Catching Fish In Storm Drain Goes Viral


A home video out of Dublin is going viral.

The video features Will Noble fishing in the storm drain behind his family’s home.

In about three seconds, he catches a large mouth bass.


In another video, he shocks his uncle by casting into a flood prevention pipe in the backyard and snagged another fish.

The property is next to the Muirfield Country Club and a tiny stream connects five lakes which is how the fish migrate.

"I was walking back from fishing in the little pond and just cast into the pipe, and my uncle just couldn't believe it. The next morning, went out, he said I could never do it again. Bet $5 on it, and caught it on my first try,” he said.

Will says he has caught dozens of fish this way since then. He throws them all back.

More than 640,000 people have watched the video online.