Dublin residents get a lesson in active shooter training

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For the three dozen or so people frantically barricading themselves into a classroom at the Dublin Recreation Center, playing victims to active shooters may be make-believe but the threat is very real.

In light of last week's deadly, random shooting at Fort Lauderdale's airport by alleged gunman Esteban Santiago, and last November's knife attack on Ohio State's campus by suspect Abdul Razak Ali Artan, those who paid $5 to sign up for the Dublin Police Department's first active shooter training open to the public said they just want to be prepared.

Fred Smith signed up for the class with his wife.

"Our daughters were down at OSU when they had the shooting and the incident recently and I saw this training come up and I thought this was a good time to go through it," said Smith.

Smith said the tips were well worth the price of admission but he hopes he never has to put them to use.

"If it happens my goal is to just get as many people as I can out safely," he said.

A Dublin spokesperson said interest in the class was so great it immediately sold out. The city's planning a second class on February 15.