Dublin Lieutenant Investigated for Alleged Association with Felons Accused of Trafficking Drugs


A Dublin police lieutenant is off the job and the subject of an administrative investigation.

John Dejarnette was placed on paid leave on May 29, for allegedly associating with the subjects of a drug trafficking investigation.

A police spokeswoman tells 10TV the investigation centers around some of the lieutenant's family members, including his two brothers, who are locked up in the Franklin County Jail.

10TV was there last month when Columbus police swarmed Roys Avenue.

Drug officers searched a home and say they seized nearly 3,000 grams worth of methamphetamine.

Four people were arrested, among them, James and Joseph Dejarnette.

The brothers have both been convicted of felonies in the past.

On May 29, John Dejarenette, a third brother and a lieutenant with the Dublin police department was stripped of his gun and badge.

The lieutenant was placed on leave for allegedly violating department orders.

According to documents obtained by 10TV, he's alleged to have associated with persons of immoral and questionable character.

The allegations say that he did, "on several occasions associate with known convicted felons currently active in the trafficking of illegal drugs."  The alleged incidents are said to have occurred between December of 2013 and May 29, 2014.

10TV obtained the personnel file for Dejarnette, who has been on the force since 1993.  It's filled with positive evaluations.  In 2011 the chief commented, "He can lead his bureau with a positive outlook, motivation and energy."

10TV attempted to reach Lt. Dejarnette for comment, but were unsuccessful.

The department spokeswoman tells us an outside agency is investigating the allegations and an interim lieutenant is expected to be appointed.