Dublin Bridal Shop Featured On ‘Undercover Boss’


The Alfred Angelo show is usually filled with prospective brides.

But it was a guest earlier this year that caught manager Leeanne Pagliaro's eye.

“He looks like a character out of a video game, like Grand Theft Auto. He had a beard on, highlights in his hair, little shaggy in the back (and) all slick,” said Leeanne.

What Leeanne didn't know was that the slick dresser was her boss, company president Paul Quentel.

"I was supposed to be training him as an assistant manager,” she explained.

Leeanne said she didn't question Paul's story of competing on a reality show.

“He had his family story and a whole bunch of background to go with it, so I just believed it I guess,” she added.

But her coworker almost blew the surprise.

"One of the girls that actually works here said 'This sounds a lot like Undercover Boss' but at that point I had become close with the producer ,so when I asked him and he was like 'It's not Undercover Boss' and I believed him. I'm fairly gullible,” said Leeanne.

Leeanne quickly became more concerned with her boss's fun loving attitude.

"He did want to joke around and play a little bit, and I'm very business minded when I'm at work, so I had to get him to shape up a little bit - but it was fun."

Alfred Angelo made changes after learning from Leanne.

‘Undercover Boss’ airs at 8 p.m. on CBS on Friday nights.