Dublin Becomes First Central Ohio Suburb To Install Crime Cameras


Crime prevention cameras are moving to the suburbs.

CrimeTracker 10 revealed statistics earlier this month that show Columbus neighborhood safety cameras are working to stop crime.

Dublin police said that they now feel those cameras could work for them.

“The type of crime we see here most in Dublin are property crimes, thefts, thefts from vehicles, that type of thing, and that’s the type of thing we’re targeting,” said Dublin Chief of Police Heinz Von Eckartsburg.

City officials approved the use of $105,000 in capital improvement funds for cameras in 2013 and $80,000 more in both 2014 and 2015.

The cameras will have dual uses, Eckartsburg said.

The cameras will be placed at intersections with high crash incidents for traffic management as well as in other places, like parking lots and parks, for crime prevention.

Dublin business owner Brenda Kocak said that extra security always is a good idea.

“Anything we can do to deter negative activity in the area is always good,” Kocak said.

Police said they want people to know where the cameras are going to be, because they feel the public will be safer once they are up.

Officers pointed to a recent bank robbery in which the crime cameras could have helped.

“We had an idea of which way our suspect fled,” Eckartsburg said. “If we had these intersection cameras, very likely we could have gotten our suspect leaving the area.”

The process to install the cameras is slated to be under way by July.

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