Dubin City Schools Warn About Phishing Scam

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Dublin City Schools sent out a warning to parents about a phishing scam.
School officials sent a letter to parents on Monday about an email sent from a phishing service that's trying to steal usernames and passwords.

Dublin says the title of the email is "IMPORTANT NEWSLETTER (GOOGLE DOC.)

The link inside the email takes you to a non-Google website and asks you to enter your email address and password. If you receive a message like this, do not click on the link or enter your email address and password.

Dublin school officials say entering your account information on this site will give the criminals access to your email account. They can then use that information to look through your emails and get more personal data, like your bank account information, credit card statements, etc.

If you already received a message like this and entered your account information, you should change the password to your online accounts.

Links in phishing emails almost always ask for personal information, have poor grammar, and use over-generalized greetings. Always consider these things to be a red flag.

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