Drug Pipeline Extends From Detroit to Athens County

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Authorities in southeast Ohio have arrested eight people in an effort to shut down what they call a drug pipeline from Athens to Columbus to Detroit. The traffickers sold the powerful painkiller Oxycodone.

The Athens County Sheriff said confidential informants led his deputies to the ringleader, Derek Gyure.

Sheriff Rodney Smith said around 45 to 60 cars would allegedly stop by Gyure’s Spring Street address in Glouster each day to buy drugs. Several people who live on the street told 10TV they had no idea. “It’s hard to believe it because I never even noticed it,” Lydia Cunningham said.  

Monday, the Athens County Sheriff and the Athens County Prosecutor announced nine people, including Derek Gyure, are facing multiple felony charges in connection with trafficking of Oxycodone pills.

“The pills were coming from Detroit to Columbus to Athens County, coming 2,000 at a time for a purchase price of locally $60,000,” Prosecutor Keller Blackburn said.

When deputies arrested Gyure they found about $42,000 worth of Oxycodone and $17,000 in cash.

Also arrested were John Metcalf, Billy Joe Haynes, Bert Sharrer Sr., Bert Sharrer Jr., Kendra Sharrer, Tinkey Rutter and Ryan Rutherford.

Sheriff Smith said the arrests are already having an impact. “After the first bust there hasn't been a lot of activity, of course we’re not done yet, but people are taking notice.”

Prosecutor Blackburn said if Gyure is convicted, the county wants to take possession of his bank accounts and house. Blackburn said if the county gets the house, it will likely tear it down and leave it as community green space.