Driver Involved In 100 MPH Chase Let Go Without Ticket


The Ohio State Highway Patrol is conducting an investigation into a case involving a high speed chase. Troopers let the driver go without a ticket.

OHP said it is routine to launch an investigation after a chase.

OHP said a clash of cultures was to blame as to why the driver exceeded 100 miles per hour along a Central Ohio highway.

Dash camera video shows the June 4th chase unfold along Interstate 70 in Licking County.

The video shows an Ohio Highway Patrol Sergeant take off after a white SUV.

Despite the lights and sirens, the driver refuses to stop.

The chase goes on for 11 minutes before the driver stops.

"Driver! Step out of the vehicle!  Step out of the vehicle," the sergeant calls to the driver.

The driver appears to repeatedly defy the trooper's commands. He is seen in the video getting in and out of the vehicle multiple times.

"Walk back toward the patrol car. Right now! Move!" the Sergeant orders.
Additional troopers arrive and find five other people in the SUV.

Despite a language barrier, they identify themselves as students and professors from South America bound for a conference at The Ohio State University.

The driver claims to be confused about speed limits in kilometers versus miles per hour.

The sergeant is heard on camera explaining the difference.  "Here, 65 miles per hour. Which is 110. You were going 100 miles per hour, okay? Which is 150 kilometers. Too fast."

The driver is heard responding, "Mucho".
The sergeant calls his post commander to explain the situation.

"…and profess to be unaware of their obligation to stop. They actually seem pretty legit," he said, "So, I'm inclined not to give them a citation."

His commander appears to agree and orders him to record their information and let them go.

"And we're good," the sergeant tells the driver. "No papers, no jail, no crime. Okay?"

OHP declined to talk with 10TV on camera about this case.

We asked about the driver getting a pass based on ignorance of the law.

A spokesperson told us, "We come across people from all walks of life. Not one run is the same. That's why officers are given discretion."

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