Dozens Arrested For Oxycodone Trafficking


A multi-jurisdictional pill mill bust was under way across central Ohio on Tuesday.

10TV News confirmed that a number of arrests were being made by multiple agencies, including Columbus police, the Franklin County Sheriff's Office and U.S. Marshals.

Thirty-three of 47 people wanted for Oxycodone trafficking were arrested. Investigators said that those involved in the ring would see out-of-state doctors to receive prescriptions for fraudulent injuries.

Once they received the prescriptions, investigators said that those suspected in the ring would travel to Florida, Virginia or Maryland to fill the prescriptions.

Investigators said that those involved in the ring were responsible for 29,680 15 mg tablets of Oxycodone and 63,781 30 mg tablets of Oxycodone.

Investigators continued to search for 14 of the 47 people indicted in connection with the bust.

Officers said that the top three people in a pill mill ring were in custody.

"You're running a $2 million business," said Lt. Larry Yates of the Columbus Division of Police narcotics unit. "They ran it for at least two years as we know of."

According to police, the following people were arrested:  

Michael P Johnson
Ruben Rhodes
Eric Sullivan
Gregory Rhodes
Priscilla Chambers
Robert Bruce
Scott Simmons
Michael Simmons
Phillip Barker
Valerie Hall
Scott Egich
Troy Burden
Frances Smith
Eric Macdonald
Dustin Childers
Joshua McCain
Terry Maxwell
Jason Moore
Robert Muncy
Richard Muncy
Todd M Salyers
Christina Perry
Timothy Rose
Dalton Chapman
Stephanie Kelley
Mark Keller
Jesse Dixon
Leon Tanauh
David Vest
Malik Willoughby Jr
James Porter
The following people have yet to be taken into custody:
Christopher Jordan  
Benjamin Cline
Ronald Barrowman II
Nicole Bondurant
Alicia Faulkner
Kara Brady
Ernest Parker Jr
Carter Dee Moore
Louie Deloach
Neal Curry
Stephen Anderson
Jessica Forbes
Daniel Binns
William Adams
Michael Hicks

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Columbus Division of Police at 614-645-4545.

Watch 10TV News and refresh for more information.