Dozens Of Animals Rescued From Home Of Woman Previously Convicted Of Animal Cruelty


Humane agents seized more than 50 animals from a Franklin County home after agents received a tip about malnourishment.
Humane agents said it was not the first time they had to rescue animals from the Orient home of Michelle Horn, who previously was convicted of animal cruelty in 2009.
Last September, agents had to rescue underweight and unhealthy horses from Horn’s property.
Humane agents who searched Horn’s property on Tuesday found ferrets, dozens of mice, various lizards, chickens and dogs – some of which were in need of immediate medical attention.
“We discovered a menagerie of pets being confined inside the house in violation of the existing probation order,” said Kerry Manion of the Capital Area Humane Society.
Kerry said that the animals showed signs of mistreatment.
“Our concern is that this is an offender, an animal cruelty offender, who has apparently violated probation twice,” Manion said.
The search of the property also revealed five marijuana plants and several guns.
No one at Horn’s home would comment to 10TV News.
Manion said that he hopes the court does not go easy on Horn.
“That the defendant (is) not allowed to have any animals and that restitution and possibly even jail sentence for repeat violation of the probation order be imposed,” Manion said.
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