Dog Shelters Taking Extra Precaution Against Deadly Virus


Central Ohio animal shelters are taking precautions to stop a deadly virus from spreading among dogs.

Hocking County Dog Warden Donald Kiger said they have treated four dogs with the parvovirus so far this year.

Kiger said the highly contagious and often deadly disease spreads from dog to dog if left untreated.

Two lab mixes, Blizzard and Tyson, came into the shelter three weeks ago. Kiger said one of them exhibited symptoms consistent with the virus.

"We noticed he wasn't feeling that well and got him to a veterinarian in Lancaster got him treatment and he's a survivor today," Kiger said.  

Veterinarians told Kiger this particular strain of the virus is popping up all over Central Ohio and that the virus is stronger and harder to cure.

Kiger said every day he uses a disinfectant called Parvo-Scrub which kills all strains of the virus on all surfaces.

Kiger said he's not only concerned about the welfare of his shelter animals, but also those on the outside.

"We'd hate to see a total outbreak," he said.

The best way to prevent parvovirus is through good hygiene and vaccination according to Kiger. Veterinarians recommend puppies get vaccinated and adult dogs are kept up to date on their parvovirus vaccination.