Dog Owners Out Money After Daycare Closes Without Warning


Some dog owners are out hundreds of dollars after a pair of popular doggie daycare and boarding facilities abruptly closed their doors.

Erica Berger isn't as much angry that her dog Finegan's daycare shut down without warning, as she is sad.

"Everybody that I know loved taking their dogs there.  Their dog loved going.  We all loved the staff.  It was a great place for our dogs," said Berger.

Noah's Bark has been offering doggie daycare services on Kenny Road for ten years while Noah's Bark Too in Gahanna offered even more, including lodging, grooming, and training.

On Tuesday a sign was posted outside Noah's Bark Too saying they were closed due to a heater malfunction.

By Wednesday, word had spread on Facebook that the facilities were closed for good with no warning, no refunds, and no paychecks for employees..

Andrea Harr was the head dog trainer.

"We're all just in shock.  You know I mean everyone is just wondering what happened," said Harr.

10TV's Glenn McEntyre tried to get some answers from company owner Mark Corner.  Corner refused to comment.

It's the silence that has customers and former employees upset.

"Bottom line the reason really doesn't matter.  It's the fallout that matters and the way this was handled that matters.  That's the hardest part for me is how it all went down," said Harr.

Many customers pre-bought packages. 

Megan Wilson is out a couple hundred dollars and was forced to take her dog to a new facility.

"I've been sick to my stomach today hoping that he's ok and he's happy and it hurts.  You feel betrayed," said Wilson.

Erica Berger hopes to find a new place for Finegan soon.

"Until then he's gonna have to be cooped up inside. Which he's not happy about," said Berger.

The staff is considering starting a Facebook page to stay in touch with customers.

They're especially concerned for customers who don't realize the place is closed, and show up expecting to board their animal only to find the doors locked.

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